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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Preseason 2005: The Preview Schedule

I apologize for not posting this earlier.

Here is the schedule of previews coming up on this site.

August 2- ACC
August 3- Conference USA
August 4- Mountain West
August 5- Big Twelve

August 8- Big East
August 9- Sun Belt
August 10- Pac Ten
August 11- WAC
August 12- Independents

August 15- Big Ten
August 16- MAC
August 17- SEC
August 18- Heisman & All-American picks
August 19- Rank all the teams, 1-119

August 22- BIG Games (top five games)- September
August 23- BIG Games- October
August 24- BIG Games- November
August 25- Overlooked Games- September
August 26- Dream World- How college football should be

That brings us up to the week of the first games. During the season, here will be the weekly schedule.

Monday- Weekend in Review (includes Rankings, Team of the Week, Player of the Week, Game of the Week, Upset of the Week, and a look at the top stories from the weekend)
Tuesday- A look at any of Monday night's games, Heisman Update
Wednesday- A look at any of Tuesday night's games, Conference Roundup
Thursday- A look at any of Wednesday night's games, the Saturday Set-up (a look at the TV schedule for Saturday and why each game is one to watch)
Friday- A look at any of Thursday night's games, picks on the Weekend Stars (Top players, games, and teams of the coming Saturday).


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