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Monday, August 29, 2005

Week One: Monday

Monday, Monday! Throughout the year, this will be a day to review the previous week's results and break down some of the action. This week, since there is no action...not so much.

I have already given you my Top 25 for the preseason, but I will give it again. You will not see my rankings again until September 25. These rankings are where I project the teams will end up. I will not use these rankings as my basis for anything come September 25. Between now and then, I will be working to take the names off the front of the jerseys and break down which teams are truly the best. Then I will rank them, 1-25. Odds are, these rankings will be drastically different the next time you see them.

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Virginia Tech
4. Miami, FL
5. Michigan
6. Oklahoma
7. Iowa
8. Tennessee
9. Ohio State
10. Texas
11. Florida
12. Louisville
13. UCLA
14. Boston College
15. Georgia
16. Arizona State
17. Florida State
18. Texas A&M
19. Georgia Tech
20. UTEP
21. Texas Tech
22. Alabama
23. Boise State
24. Penn State
25. Iowa State

The Top Story:
USC Goes For Three!

The Trojans have been the top story of the offseason as they are on a quest to achieve what no team has ever achieved- three straight AP national titles.

There have been many great teams over the years, but none have obtained the hype that this USC has gotten since January. Everyone is in love with the Trojans. Every media outlet in the world is picking USC. It is some combination of being in Los Angeles, a dominant Orange Bowl performance, and returning so many starters. This team has reached record proportions on the hype-o-meter.

Many of you know that I have not been on the USC bandwagon all along. Two years ago, I thought LSU should have been crowned national champs. Last year, I thought Auburn and Oklahoma should have been playing for the national title. After the Orange Bowl, I changed my #1 team from Auburn to USC. That was just too dominant of a performance. Now, how can you pick against the Trojans?

Does that mean that I would be surprised if they wind up #2 or lower? No, not especially. In fact, I think they will lose a game along the way. I just think that losing one game somewhere along the way does not mean that they will automatically be disqualified from the national championship race. Remember, in 2003 they lost to California and still finished #1 in the AP Poll. I think this team has enough national press and enough high praise from all corners to sustain a loss (as long as it is not a blowout) and still stick right in the national championship race.

All in all, I think this season could be one of the more exciting seasons as we watch USC try to get that third national title. They are a team that could do it, and more importantly, a team that wants to do it. Things should be very interesting as we watch the Trojans take their aim at history.

One more note: My thoughts go out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Katerina. Football takes backseat to all of the worries down on the Gulf Coast. Let's take a moment of silence for the people in peril down there.


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