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Monday, September 12, 2005

Week Three: Monday

LSU 35, Arizona State 31

The Tigers, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, walked into Tempe and sleep walked through the first three quarters. Down 17-7, things looked lost for LSU, until a blocked field goal and a blocked punt (which were both returned for touchdowns) turned the momentum. Sam Keller and Arizona State battled back scoring two more touchdowns, but the Tigers scored late in the game, and Arizona State gave the ball up on downs in LSU territory in the last thirty seconds. It was truly a remarkable game.

SMU 21, TCU 10

Last week, TCU was busy beating Oklahoma. This week, TCU was busy looking ahead to Thursday night's game with Utah. It was SMU's first win over a ranked opponent since before they received their infamous "Death Penalty." It's been a long time coming. The Mustangs can celebrate this win. The two teams are rivals, and anything can happen in rivalry games, and this proves again that it usually does.

Cody Hodges, Texas Tech

The Red Raiders quarterback completed 36 of 45 passes for 454 yards and four touchdowns while throwing zero interceptions. Of course, it was against Florida International. But once again this proves the fact that almost any quarterback can step in at Texas Tech and become an immediate star. He looked sharp and did an outstanding job. This team should be 6-0 before a road trip to Texas. (Yes, I realize that Kansas, Nebraska, and Kansas State are not easy road trips, but the Red Raiders still should win those games.)

LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers dramatic 35-31 win over Arizona State could signal the beginning of something special for them. The Tigers showed some flashes of brilliance both running the football and throwing it. They threw the ball with some success on the last drive, but prior to that had struggled with that for most of the game. LSU won it with some special teams plays, and every team needs that's going to win a national championship needs to win at least one game like that. We'll all know a lot more about LSU when they play Tennessee at home on September 24.

Iowa's five turnovers

Iowa lost to Iowa State, 23-3. There were two key reasons why this happened. The first is that Iowa committed five turnovers against Iowa State. Iowa State's interception returned for a touchdown in the second quarter put the Hawkeyes behind 16-0 and they never really got back into the game after that. The Hawkeyes looked like they often look early in the season. They looked like they weren't ready to play. Iowa State looked like a team that had something to prove. Iowa's sloppy play and Iowa State's inspired play made this win possible. Without Iowa turning the ball over five times, this game would have been very different.

Tyrone Prothro's catch

Tyrone Prothro's 42 yard catch for Alabama against Southern Miss was unbelievable. It may rank as one of the greatest catches in college football history. He caught the ball in his hands while pressing the ball to the back of the Southern Miss defender. The play was reviewed, and the ball was spotted at the one yard line instead of being a touchdown. The Tide were down 21-10 in the second quarter when it happened, and they won 30-21. That catch was not only unbelievable to watch, but it also turned the momentum of the game.

Justin Zwick's fourth quarter fumble

Justin Zwick was scrambling and had reached the 35 yard line with his team trailing 23-22 to Texas with 2:19 left in the game. The Ohio State quarterback then got hit and fumbled the football. The Texas Longhorns recovered, and that basically wrapped up the football game. Texas was unable to muscle the ball into the endzone, but they left Ohio State at the 1 yard line with around half a minute left. After the sack of Troy Smith for a safety and the Longhorns recovery of an onside kick, the game was over and Texas had won, 25-22. The fumble was clearly the play of the game that had cost Ohio State a shot at the win.

Drew Tate's injury

This is the second reason that Iowa State beat Iowa. Drew Tate, the Iowa quarterback, fired an interception with just under ten minutes left in the first half against the Cyclones. Tate raced over and made the tackle of Austin Flynn to stop him from going down the sideline for a touchdown. Unfortunately for Tate and the Hawkeyes, he suffered a concussion and was unable to return. The Cyclones already lead 6-0, and Tate could possibly have been able to lead the Hawkeyes back, but the Cyclones defense held Jason Manson (the Hawkeyes back up quarterback)basically in check. Looking back on the game, that injury signaled the end of the game.

Early Doucet's touchdown catch

JaMarcus Russell and the LSU Tigers were facing a fourth and two from the Arizona State 39 yard line with under a minute and a half left. Trailing 31-28, this was the ballgame. As Russell rolled out and lofted the ball to the endzone, the entire Tiger fan base held their breath. As Early Doucet came down with the improbable reception for the game winning touchdown, a part of the country ravaged by a horrible hurricane all let out a cheer together. The people of Louisiana needed something positive to happen, and that touchdown catch was something positive. It was the most memorable moment of a very exciting


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Frank said...

Honestly, if you keep praising LSU, I 'm not going to read anymore.

Here's hoping Mississippi State @ Tulane is your game of the week. MSU is -2 over the Wave- seems cheap to me.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger John Roberts said...

That game was something else. How can you not agree with what I said? I think it's fairly indisputable.

I had LSU #2 in the preseason. I did think they would lose to Arizona State. I picked them to lose in all my picking games.

Like I said, we'll see what they're made of on September 24 against Tennessee.

Sorry, Tulane-Mississippi State will not be the Game of the Week... though it really should be an entertaining game! I think Tulane has a very good shot at them...

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