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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week Three: Wednesday

Overreaction Wednesday
Getting a little bit crazy and having some knee jerk reactions to last weekend's games

Vanderbilt will beat either LSU, Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee and will go at least 7-4.

Iowa State will be Texas' biggest challenge when they meet in the Big Twelve Championship Game.

USC at Arizona State on October 1 will be the must see Game of the Year.

Minnesota will finally beat Michigan this year.

Are you one of the fans that wishes there was a Big East Championship Game? Try Louisville at Connecticut on December 3 on for size.

Remember that some of these things are gross overreactions to the way teams played this weekend. These are not necessarily straight predictions, but rather thoughts that many may not consider that are very distinct possibilities.


Bob Stoops, Oklahoma head coach: "As coaches we're trying to teach things that we can do to be consistent in all areas. We just have to keep pushing for it, and we have had some things happen in all areas of the passing game-drops, missed routes, etc."

Mike Leach, Texas Tech head coach: "Cody Hodges did well in his first start, but he is the most poised guy I've ever had for a first game. He played within himself right off the bat, and he didn't have the typical opening drive adjustment. He sorted out a lot of things and sifted through information well."

Dirk Koetter, Arizona State head coach: "In the LSU game, if we had to play it over again, we were a little too conservative in the first half. We had to go through a feeling out process. We studied film and they did 40% of what we thought they would, but 60% different. Once we got rolling in the second half the only way they were going to stop us is if we stopped ourselves. I think our offense is doing okay, but if we could have done a little better, then we would be 2-0."

Joe Paterno, Penn State head coach: "I think we are getting better. I like my football team. We have a bunch of kids that are working hard. We are getting close to it. The team we are going to play this week, Central Michigan, is closer to being a Big Ten team than anybody we have played in the sense that they are more physical. They played a Big Ten team and played very well against Indiana and beat a good MAC team in Miami (Ohio). I think we will know more after this week. We are getting better. We really are and I am not discouraged."

News & Notes

Troy Smith will be the starting quarterback for Ohio State this Saturday over Justin Zwick. Does anyone else think that if Smith had been running around out there on that last possession that there would have been no fumble?

Donovan Woods has lost his starting quarterback job at Oklahoma State to Bobby Reid. Woods will now be playing free safety. If Woods turns into a star at free safety, this could really help the Cowboys. Reid had better perform up to snuff, because he hasn't really looked much better than Woods so far.

Adrian Peterson has apparently been skipping classes, and Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has forced him to sit out a couple of practices for disciplinary reasons. This seems like a light punishment. I am trying to recall where a college player was punished by being forced to sit out practices, but no games. Maybe Stoops knows that without Peterson, the running game might just match the passing game for ineffectiveness.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Frank said...

Just read your overreactions....

I disagree: Vandy will not win any of those games. The top echelon of the SEC is loaded this year. Even Georgia can run in the secondary.

I agree: Michigan is the most overrated team in the country- it isn't even close. You can absolutely run on them (death in the Big Ten) and the qb is suspect.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger John Roberts said...

Like I said, these are overreactions. I agree it would be shocking if Vanderbilt did it, but I wouldn't be totally surprised. I think 6-5 is the reasonable expectation for Vandy right now, although a loss to Ole Miss would dash a lot of hopes.

Michigan has won in so many different ways against Minnesota. I like Henne a lot (he looked great against NIU, not so much against ND), but I agree that that defense is suspect. Maroney ought to run for 200 yards against them. Minnesota is becoming a darkhorse contender in the Big Ten. Suddenly, it really looks like a six horse race in the Big Ten- Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Purdue, Wisconsin, Minnesota. There are three other teams (Penn State, Michigan State, and Northwestern) that have a shot to prove they belong in the next couple of weeks. Indiana and Illinois are both 2-0, but probably are not as good as their records would indicate.


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