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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Week Two: Wednesday

Under Pressure
Lloyd Carr, Michigan

Hey Lloyd! I think those Michigan fans will get pretty testy if you lose this game for the second straight year.

After years of struggling to get through September undefeated, and a perplexing loss at Notre Dame last year early on, a loss to the Irish this year could be crippling to Carr. Yes, Carr has done enough through his entire body of work to be immune from most discussion about his job security. However, the Michigan fans are demanding, and they demand perfection. The Wolverines had better beat Notre Dame and look good doing it. Otherwise, the howling could really start this week in Ann Arbor.

As for Charlie Weis and Notre Dame, he feels no pressure at all. The Irish fans (while they hope for a win) certainly were not expecting to beat Michigan at the beginnning of the season for the most part. But now, here they are...filled with hope. Michigan fans are filled with terror that their team may blow yet another big game.

Like I said, Llyod, I highly recommend, for your own comfort and peace of mind, that you win this game!

Gameday Site

This weekend the ESPN College Gameday crew will be in Columbus, Ohio, for the Texas-Ohio State game. It is being heralded as the biggest game of the season, and it just might be. After all, when you watched the Big Twelve teams play this weekend, did any other team make anyone think they could stand with Texas? Certainly not Oklahoma. Yes, the Sooners have the mental edge in that game, but if Texas wins this game, they have to be considered a strong favorite to reach the national championship game. For Ohio State, this is about bouncing back from last year's disappointment. A win will put them in the Top Five and make them a serious threat to win the national title. It's as big of a game as you get.

Overreaction Wednesday
A reaction to this past weekend's games that could be going overboard

--Clemson and Georgia Tech will be playing in the ACC Championship Game on December 3, 2005.

--The Miami-Florida State game was a match-up of two third place teams in their divisions in the ACC. Boston College and Clemson will finish ahead of Florida State, while Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech will finish ahead of Miami.

--Notre Dame is a Top Ten team and has a legitimate shot at the national title. The Irish bring one of the best offenses to the table and a defense capable of holding teams down.

--Georgia is the team to beat in the SEC. The Dawgs rode a wave of emotion and pounded a good Boise State team. Florida and Tennessee looked average, while the other division does not pose a formidable threat outside of LSU.

--USC will lose twice this year. After watching Hawaii's offense control the clock for the first quarter, at least two teams capable of beating USC will discover that strategy and have the talent to pull it off. California tried it last year, but failed at the end.

Key note- These are all slight knee jerk reactions and not official picks. However, they are how I felt as I watched Saturday's (through Monday's) games. I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time.


Bob Stoops, Oklahoma head coach: "Sometimes it concerns you that when you have won for a period time, the players start thinking you have a right to win. You have to earn it every play, and I say that every week. We didn't go out there and do it last week, and TCU played harder and tougher than we did."

Mack Brown, Texas head coach: "This is a fun week in Texas. We are excited about going up to play at Ohio State. Ohio State has won 22 of its last 23 home game games and has never lost at night, so it will be a challenge. "

Dirk Koetter, Arizona State head coach: "The disadvantage to us, when they got their North Texas game cancelled, is we really don't know what exactly they are going to do. They have a conglomeration of three different coaching staffs. We really don't have great film to go off of for LSU. That is not fun. We prefer to know more about what they are going to do. This will be a fun week for our players. They have had this date circled for a long time. We are going against one of the best teams in the country. And we are looking forward to it."

Gary Patterson, TCU head coach: "I asked the seniors to check on how the other players were handling (the Oklahoma win). The thing I try to impress upon the team is that 50 percent of the country thinks Oklahoma was a fluke. We didn't play our best football game. In all three phases of the game, we have a tremendous upside."

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