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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Week Twelve: Wednesday

Overreaction Wednesday
Getting a little bit crazy and having some knee jerk reactions to last weekend's games.

Every school should give a statement in support of the head coach. Look at what Nebraska and Kentucky did this past weekend, especially Kentucky. Nebraska did win against Kansas State, but it wasn't overly impressive. But Kentucky beat Vanderbilt, jumping out to a 31 point lead before winning by just five. Call me crazy, but I think the Wildcats will put a heck of a scare into either Georgia or Tennessee. They may come up short, but they will play it close.

Texas will be challenged in one of their next two games. No team goes through a season without a scare somewhere along the way. Sure, Ohio State nearly beat the Longhorns, but that was a long time ago. There is one more scare out there. Now, is it against Texas A&M and the explosive Reggie McNeal? Or is it in the Big Twelve Championship Game against Colorado, Iowa State, or Missouri? The 'Horns have already blown out Colorado and Missouri this year, so a game against Iowa State might be very interesting.

In the "getting challenged" department, throw in LSU. Either Arkansas or Ole Miss will try to throw the SEC West race back up in the air. One of them at least will play the Tigers very close and give the Alabama-Auburn winner some hope that they could actually win the SEC West. LSU is a good team, but not so good that they are above struggling against these two teams. Other teams have been struggling over the last month or so with them, so there is no reason to believe LSU will not.

Call the Conference USA Championship Game the "Redemption Bowl." With Southern Miss' loss on Sunday, it really looks like the game will be between UCF and UTEP. UCF is coached by George O'Leary, the man who was fired from Notre Dame without coaching a game. UTEP is coached by Mike Price, the man who was fired from Alabama without coaching a game. There are still hurdles for both teams, especially UTEP, but the Miners can afford one more conference loss.

Remember that some of these things are gross overreactions to the way teams played this weekend. These are not necessarily straight predictions, but rather thoughts that many may not consider that are very distinct possibilities.

News & Notes

Bill Snyder, Kansas State's head coach, is retiring. He turned around a once dormant program, though he struggled to ever truly get the Wildcats to the next level, as they only won one conference championship. Still, Snyder built a program at Kansas State. Who knows if they will ever find their way back to the top of the ladder? But they have been there now. The program is in much better shape now than when he arrived.

Laurence Maroney, Minnesota's running back, has stated that he will definitely be playing against Iowa this weekend. The running back has an ankle injury that will keep him from being 100 percent. Still, he insists that he is going to play against the Hawkeyes.

The four finalists for the Lombardi Trophy are Elvis Dumervil, Rod Wright, A.J. Hawk, and Paul Posluszny. If I had a vote, I believe I would vote for Dumervil at this point, though that is subject to change in the coming weeks. Dumervil has been an absolutely dominant force so far this year for Louisville.


John Wefald, Kansas State's president: "The truth is, Coach Snyder exceeded all expectations. Indeed, Coach Snyder and his staff made K-State into a national football power. There is no question in my mind that Coach Snyder orchestrated and engineered the single greatest turnaround in American Division I collegiate football history. Bill Snyder's legacy is secure here at Kansas State University. He will always be remembered as K-State's greatest football coach and arguably one of the nation's greatest football coaches over the past generation."

Rich Brooks, Kentucky's head coach: “We saw Auburn at home and now we get to go on the road and play that kind of team...I’d much rather be playing for a bowl than playing the spoiler but that’s what we will have to do for now."

Pete Carroll, USC head coach: "I think having the bye is advantageous but I think three weeks is more than you need to gain that advantage. We had a chance to schedule a worthy opponent that is going to fill the Coliseum up again, which is going to challenge us and make us that much better. Fresno has wanted this game for a long time, and a lot of people didn't want to play us, so it seemed like a good match up. So after all of the alternatives I think it has turned out to be a tremendous game. It is going to be exciting and challenging and all of that."

Pat Hill, Fresno State's head coach: "We just need to keep winning. Of course this would be a very big win for our program to go out and beat the number one team in the nation. If it was the last game of the year it would be more important. We still have two games left after this one. The big thing is that we have to be ready to play each week, just like USC has to be ready to play each week. The reason they are successful is because they take it one game at a time. Obviously a win would be big, and it would make the next two games even bigger."

Rant of the Week

I love reading the responses to the Rant of the Week each week. This week's could be very interesting, because it is touching on a subject that is near and dear to every college football fans heart...what is wrong with the BCS? Does the BCS work? Well, these subjects are tackled here.

The BCS sucks, but that is why we all talk about it. What would we have to complain about if the BCS worked? The BCS was created to steal the spotlight that was given every year in the press for the supporters of the "other" teams that thought they were the best. Come on, Florida State has lost twice and I'll bet you can't find a handful of Seminole fans who don't believe they are the number one team in the country. The BCS is not the answer to the problem. There is no correct answer. The human element will always be controversial. However, when you take 6 computers and enter the same information into them how do they get six different answers? Those 6 rankings are based on the biased parameters set into them by the "human" programmers. One computer, one set of parameters, no controversy. Is it just me?

--Chris Langnes
Venice, Florida

Of course, this was written before Florida State lost their third game. More than likely, FSU fans are not claiming to be number one right now. Still, this raises the question of if the BCS is a good thing because it keeps everyone talking about football. Also, it asks the question about if one computer program is how the BCS should determine their top two teams. If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know.

As always, keep those e-mails coming!

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