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Friday, December 09, 2005

Week Fifteen: Friday

The Heisman

Who deserves the Heisman Trophy this year?

1) Reggie Bush, USC- It's tough, because Bush did not have a great year returning kicks. Still, to average almost nine yards per carry with how many carries he had is phenomenal. He is exciting, and he deserves the Trophy.
2) Vince Young, Texas- I was ready to put Young second heading into last week, but he nearly vaulted to number one with his performance. He is exciting, and he throws and runs the ball very well. He deserves the Heisman, but this was an unfortunate year for him to earn it.
3) Matt Leinart, USC- Heading into last week, I was ready to vote for Leinart as the winner. However, after struggling early last week, and struggling in many of his big games this year early, it's too hard to vote for him. Almost any other year, Leinart would be winning his second Heisman. This year, it is just too tough.
4) Michael Robinson, Penn State- This guy has done everything that has been asked of him. He should have at least have been invited to New York for the presentation. He has developed into a great leader to go along with his great athletic ability.
5) DeAngelo Williams, Memphis- He's probably the best player from a non-BCS conference, and I normally try to find one of those or a defensive player to go into my Top Five. That's why Williams sneaks in. Plus, he is one of the best running backs in the country.


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