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Friday, December 02, 2005

Week Fourteen: Thursday

Weekend Stars
Thoughts on who the stars of the weekend will be.

Game of the Week- Georgia vs. LSU- A lot of weeks, I pick the biggest game for this slot. This week, I picked the game that should be the most entertaining. This game features two of the better offenses in the SEC along with the always tough SEC defenses. This game could sneak LSU into the Rose Bowl if Texas or USC loses, but the Tigers would need a very impressive win over the Bulldogs and some help from the computers and pollsters. D.J. Shockley is one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC and JaMarcus Russell is not too far behind. This should be an extremely entertaining game. If USC-UCLA is close, be sure to watch it, but keep an eye on this one. When the USC-UCLA game ends, if both USC and Texas have won, don't worry too much about the ACC Championship Game. Focus on this one until it is over. If USC or Texas have lost, get two TV's set up so you can watch both LSU and Virginia Tech and decide for yourself if one of them belongs in the Rose Bowl instead of Penn State, USC, or Texas.

Upset Special- Louisville at Connecticut- Call me crazy, but the Cardinals are without Brian Brohm, they are going on the road, they have already accepted a bowl bid, and Connecticut is dying to prove on national television that they deserve a bowl game. Yet the line is 15.5 in favor of Louisville. The Cardinals have not played well on the road all season, and Brohm's injury is thrusting Hunter Cantwell in as the starting quarterback. Connecticut plays pretty well at home and is playing for a bowl bid. While Louisville might come up with the win, it seems to be a safe bet to at least pick UConn to cover the spread.

Team of the Week- Central Florida Golden Knights- They might be the Team of the Week even if they lose. They were 0-11 last year, and now they sit one win away from the Conference USA title. Their tilt with Tulsa is huge, as neither team was expected to be here. Still, a UCF win would put George O'Leary's name back into the pot for every major college coaching job. Steven Moffett deserves a ton of credit for playing so well at the quarterback spot for the Knights this year. They should be watched very closely this Saturday.

Players of the Week-
1) Reggie Bush, USC- Could he have another 500 total yards against another lousy defense? He might just do it.
2) Vince Young, Texas- Two bad weeks in a row? Doubtful. The Colorado defense is OK, but they couldn't slow him down the first time they met.
3) D.J. Shockley, Georgia- Shockley could put up the best numbers that anyone has yet this year on the LSU defense. Don't be surprised to see that happen.
4) Steve Slaton, West Virginia- USF is a good team and might be able to come up with the win, but Slaton is tossing his name into next year's Heisman hat.
5) Maurice Drew, UCLA- The Trojans struggle on special teams coverage. Drew can return kicks with the best of them. USC was gashed up the middle by Fresno during certain points of the game. Drew can do that too. Drew and Bush BOTH might have 400 total yards during this game. Now wouldn't that be something else?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Week Fourteen: Thursday

Viewer's Guide

Which games should you watch this weekend? What games should you be keeping your eyes on during each time period? We've got it all worked out for you.The day is divided into three parts. Some are more unequal than others due to the start time of the games. All times are Eastern.

The time periods are early games (start time before 2:30), afternoon (start time from 2:45-7:00), and evening (start time from 7:15-9:45). The games are ranked by time period and give you a couple of reasons to watch each game, whether it is questions that need to be answered or something else altogether. The games are the games listed on as the television games for this weekend. Only Saturday games are included.

Let's get it started!

Early Games

1. Big Twelve Championship Game-Colorado vs. Texas (1:00 ABC)- 1) Vince Young gets one final shot to make a run at the Heisman Trophy. Another close win (regardless of how Young looks) would probably knock him out of it. 2) Colorado has been beaten in their last two games and were punished by Texas earlier this season. Still, the Buffaloes have a good quarterback in Joel Klatt and a team capable of getting very up for this game. 3) Texas has struggled in the big moments under Mack Brown. Brown has never won a conference title. A loss here would be an all-time choke job, as the Longhorns are clearly the superior team. A win, and the Longhorns can make reservations for the Rose Bowl.

2. Conference USA Championship Game- Tulsa at UCF (12:00 ESPN)- 1) Neither program had a winning season last year or was expected to contend for the Conference USA title. Yet here they both are. 2) Steven Moffett of UCF has turned into one of the better quarterbacks that the average fan knows very little about. Watch him play within himself and play very well. 3) Garrett Mills and Ashlan Davis provide an very good one-two punch at receiver for Tulsa.

3. Army vs. Navy (Philadelphia, PA) (2:30 CBS)- 1) The Commander-In-Chief Trophy is on the line in this one...and for the first time in a while, it really is on the line. Either team could win this game. Army has won four in a row. 2) Carlton Jones is a very good running back for Army. He can run on almost anyone. 3) Adam Ballard and Lamar Owens both can run the ball well for the Midshipmen, and hope to be able to get the engines rolling this week for the biggest game of their season.


1. UCLA at USC (4:30 ABC)- 1) If USC wins, they win the Pac Ten outright and clinch a spot across town in the Rose Bowl. If UCLA wins, they will split the Pac Ten title with Oregon and USC. USC will still be the automatic pick to the BCS, but UCLA will get into the running for an at-large bid, and will at least make some fans think they deserve a shot at the Rose Bowl. 2) Seriously, there may not be two better quarterback-all purpoe player tandems in the country than there are in this game. Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart from USC and Drew Olson and Maurice Drew from UCLA are all lighting it up and all capable of making the big game changing play. In other words, in a game with two struggling defenses and these players, a lot of points could be put on the board. 3) It's where Gameday will be. It's in LA. You know that those things will be some stars out to watch. Will it be a Lakers game? No. Will it be an electric atmosphere? Yes.

2. SEC Championship Game- LSU vs. Georgia (6:00 CBS)- 1) LSU is holding out hope for at least one upset from UCLA or Colorado and a dominating performance against Georgia. That could get them into the Rose Bowl. Of course, even that might not be enough. 2) The Dawgs have a solid defense, an OK ground game, and a solid quarterback in D.J. Shockley. They provide a very stiff challenge to the Tigers. 3) This is the second time in three years that these two teams have met in the SEC Championship Game. That's not exactly like Florida and Alabama in the 1990's, but it is becoming a little SEC Championship rivalry.


1. ACC Championship Game- Virginia Tech vs. Florida State (8:00 ABC)- 1) By the time this game starts, Virginia Tech will know where they stand. A UCLA or Colorado upset would mean that Virginia Tech could be playing for a possible shot at the Rose Bowl. 2) Marcus Vick, other than one hiccup against Miami, has played stellar all season. This would be a great way for him to cap his season. 3) The Seminoles did beat Miami earlier this year. They may not be playing well at this point in the season, but they still are a threat to win any game that they are playing. Drew Weatherford or Xavier Lee could have a solid game. The defense could come up huge. They certainly do not want Virginia Tech to walk into the ACC and win the title their first two years in the league. Florida State should play with a lot of pride this week.

2. Louisville at Connecticut (7:45 ESPN)- 1) How will Louisville look without Brian Brohm at quarterback? Will Michael Bush look good? Are they just counting down the days until the Gator Bowl? 2) The Huskies need this win to become bowl eligible. After last week's upset of South Florida, hope has to be renewed that the Huskies can still salvage their season. 3) Louisville has struggled on the road this year. A win here would put some of those demons to rest.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Week Fourteen: Wednesday

Overreaction Wednesday
Getting a little bit crazy and having some knee jerk reactions to last weekend's games.

One more upset. It's out there. Either Florida State, Colorado, or UCLA is bound to pull off an upset this weekend and throw the BCS into a bit of disarray. Of course, don't discount Georgia winning either, and that may be the upset this weekend, but it wouldn't be the mind-numbing, throw the BCS into chaos upset that one of those other three would be.

Akron, Akron, Akron. At 6-5, Akron looked like they had a shot to go to a bowl game. However, now they have to play in the MAC Championship Game. Because of all the different rules involved, Akron must win the MAC Championship Game to qualify for a bowl game. Is this yet another way that Akron finds a way to get left out of a bowl game? Last year, they were 6-5 and got skipped over by Marshall, a team that they had beaten. This could be even more brutal. Did Akron want to play for the MAC title, or did they just want to get to 6-5 and hope they got picked?

Louisville, which hasn't been able to have nearly as much success on the road this year as they have at home, will play a very poor game at Connecticut this Saturday night. With Brian Brohm out with an injury, the Cardinals may find themselves in a world of trouble against a UConn team that just beat USF last week and needs a win to become bowl eligible.

Speaking of the Big East, West Virginia will struggle as well at USF this Saturday. The Mountaineers have clinched the Big East, USF has been pointing to this game, and the Bulls are a very good home team. USF needs this game more, but WVU is the better team. This may be the most entertaining game of the weekend if both teams come ready to play.

Remember that some of these things are gross overreactions to the way teams played this weekend. These are not necessarily straight predictions, but rather thoughts that many may not consider that are very distinct possibilities.

News & Notes

David Cutcliffe has returned to Tennessee to be the Offensive Coordinator next season. This should help improve the Vols sagging offense.

Bowl Invites so far:

Arkansas State- New Orleans
Toledo- GMAC
BYU- Las Vegas
Colorado State- Poinsettia
Navy- Poinsettia
Arizona State- Insight
Rutgers- Insight
Boise State- MPC Computers
Utah- Emerald
Boise State- Liberty
TCU- Houston
Louisville- Gator


Les Miles, LSU head coach- "We have eliminated any open weeks and we have gone and we have caught a pretty fast pace and we are performing well. When you look back you realize a different start and we could be talking about an undefeated LSU team. We have overcome the obstacles of hurricanes and the absence of bye weeks. This team has a great perspective and they haven't spent a lot of time looking back. They can see the task at hand, and they are focused on it to achieve it."

Mark Richt, Georgia head coach- "The field position will be very important in this game. It usually is when you have two strong defensive teams that are playing well. Offenses are making plays here and there but not enough to sustain and 80-yard drive. If you force an offense to go 70 or 80 yards, it's tough to do. The one thing that you can do to change that is have a great return."

Mack Brown, Texas head coach- "When I'm old and looking back and gumming my food, it (a conference championship) will be something that I will be really proud of. Right now I think it's something that is important to The University of Texas, this group of players, the program and our coaching staff. I have talked to the older coaches about what they have accomplished and they all say when you get through and you look back, you get involved with some of that and you are proud of that, but still even the relationships that you make with your fans and your boss and staff members and players are much more important than the number of games you have won or the significance of them. Getting to play for the conference championship is big, but very few people have played for a National Championship so obviously that would be really special."

Gary Barnett, Colorado head coach: "We are obviously the underdog if you guys didn’t know that. They have been a great team all year and it’s just a great challenge for our guys. Our goal was to get to this game and redeem ourselves from a year ago. I didn’t put on our board how many games we needed to win to get there, I just said let’s get there. I looked at all the records today (in the Big 12 North) and we are 5-3. The next closest team is 4-4, so we win the North and get a chance to play Texas. I think everyone in this program is excited about our opportunity."

Pete Carroll, USC head coach: "The situation that we all hope for, in our program we always want to give ourselves to get in that Rose Bowl. This year it takes on a little bit different significance, but yet the line has always been the same. The goal in this program has always been to own the Rose Bowl and to do that you have to win your conference. It just happens that every few years it changes what that game is about. It is really exciting and we are pumped up about it and we can't wait to get going."

Karl Dorrell, UCLA head coach: (on winning the Pac Ten Coach of the Year Award) "I am very appreciative of my peers, and the recognintion they have given me. Even more, it's an honor to be alongside the coach across town, who has accomplished some very special things with his program."
Rant of the Week

This week's rant comes from a disgruntled Michigan fan. It's easy to see why Michigan fans are disgruntled. After all, they went 7-4 and lost to their two biggest rivals, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Not a particularly happy season in Ann Arbor.

It's unquestioned that the Wolverines have the elite talentlevel to compete for the national championship year inand year out, but due to untimely, unexpected losses year in and year out they are never in the position todo so. I believe Coach Carr is a good coach, but farfrom an exceptional coach, and I am hardly the onlyone who shares this belief. I see the Wolverines as a very mentally soft team, or unprepared at times. Granted, we did pull together this year to be in position to win the Big Ten title for a third straight year, but in every loss except the Notre Dame one, we blew the games within the last minute. All the elite level universities have the same talent pretty much across the board, nowadays it just comes down to coaching and experience more than anything. Our coaching staff is also in the habit of playing not to lose, except in the most dire and uncommon of circumstances. Through the entire third quarter and almost all of the fourth, the Wolverines had the Buckeyes stopped/shut down. Up by nine, they stopped bringing pressure and sat back in zone that allowed Ohio State to move the ball and come back for the win. And for the coup de grace, our player was not even aware of the situation at the end of the game to get out of bounds. The coaches need to HAMMER that in in such a crucial situation. I guess I'm trying to see if you agree with all that rambling that the Wolverines have not been coached up mentally enough for these situations, and that the coaches do not playto win. It may be Carr, it may not; wouldn't he have the power to overturn any calls he disagrees with, even though it is the coordinators job to call the right plays? Obviously something is not working up in Ann Arbor. Any chance of Bo coming out of retirement?

--Justin Rocksand
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bo coming out of retirement. HA! That was a pretty good one, Justin. Anyway, as I've said before I get complaints like this almost on a weekly basis about Tennessee, Ohio State, and Michigan. Seems like strange partners if you ask me. That being said, there appear to be some coaching problems at both Michigan and Tennessee. They play games not to lose and close to the vest. This can work most of the time with teams as talent rich as Michigan and Tennessee. Still, it means that in a season where things don't go your way, like they didn't in Knoxville this year when they lost three games in the final minute, you're going to find yourself with a losing record. Phil Fulmer is being forced to change or he will be gone. Lloyd Carr may have to have a season like that for the pressure to really mount on him. At Ohio State, Jim Tressel is a little bit safer because his national title was more recent, but he too plays games very close to the vest. That could one day get him into a load of trouble as well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Week Fourteen: Tuesday

Under Pressure
Mack Brown, Texas

Mack Brown has never won a conference title in all his years. A win in this year's Big Twelve Championship Game against Colorado (a team the Longhorns handled easily earlier in the year) means that he can finally get that off his back and also advance to the Rose Bowl to play for the national title. Sound familar? It is the same storyline that this game had back in 2001 when Florida's loss to Tennessee on that Saturday meant that Texas was in line to get to the Rose Bowl. Now, four years later, Texas looks to get rid of those ghosts. This Texas team certainly appears better than the one four years ago and Colorado certainly does not appear to be as good, or as hot. Still, Texas has to play the game. Mack Brown has to win it. If he can not get a conference title this year, then one may really never come.

Maurice Drew, UCLA

Maurice Drew is one of the most electric players in college football. He does it all, returning kicks, running the ball, catching passes. The problem is that he is going up against Reggie Bush this weekend. Bush is the most electric player in football. The pressure is one Drew to match Bush. If UCLA is going to stay in this game, Drew is going to have make a lot of big plays (and Drew Olson will have to carry his share of the load as well). Playing the counterpart to Reggie Bush is never easy, but Drew has a chance to prove that he is just as good of a player this weekend.

College Gameday Site
Los Angeles, California

The 11-0 Trojans and the 9-1 Bruins square off in LA this weekend, and the gang is going to be there. After all, where else would they be? This game will play a large role in determining who plays for the national title. If USC loses, then it opens the door for Penn State, Virginia Tech, or LSU to sneak in to the game, although the Trojans may still get in. It would also mean that UCLA would be in contention for a BCS spot, and get some people talking about them deserving to be in the Rose Bowl. If USC wins, then the Trojans would play for their third consecutive national title, their second consecutive BCS title, and they would extend their winning streak to 34 games. This is the most important game of the weekend, which is why the Gameday crew is heading out there.

Thoughts on the Rankings

The computers are coming around slowly, as now two computer rankings have USC number one and Texas number two. This is why USC is starting to extend their lead over Texas just a little in the equation.

Notre Dame moves up again in the computers despite their poor showing against Stanford. Why? Because margin of victory is not allowed to be taken into account. I want to hear one person defend why margin of victory should not be considered by the computers. I'm not saying that if Texas beats Team A by 60 and USC beats Team A by 42 that Texas deserves more credit. But up to around 20 points, there is a difference in how bad a team gets beat. Someone want to argue that Notre Dame's win over Stanford was more impressive than USC's beat down of the Cardinal? Well, the computers think it is, because USC beat Stanford at home, while Notre Dame won on the road.

West Virginia is quietly moving up the rankings. They have not played on Saturday in a month and won't play on TV this Saturday more than likely, so they seem to be getting ignored. Don't ignore them. They have moved up to number nine in the computers (margin of victory wouldn't hurt them) and they are up to number eleven in the standings. All of you hoping to get rid of the Big East's automatic BCS bid should be rooting for USF to upset the Mountaineers this weekend and knock them back down. WVU has struggled in bowl games in recent years, but this is one of the most dangerous teams running the football that we have seen in the last five years, which makes them a threat come bowl season.

My Rankings

The rankings are getting more static for a lot of reasons. Still, this Saturday I intend to sit down and really re-evaluate them. After all, four of my Top Five teams are playing this Saturday. I am hoping to really break down the action and see where these teams truly belong. In other words, there may be some changes next week when you see my rankings again. Previous rank is in parentheses.

1. USC 11-0 (1)
2. Texas 11-0 (2)
3. Penn State 10-1 (3)
4. Virginia Tech 10-1 (5)
5. LSU 10-1 (4)
6. Ohio State 9-2 (6)
7. Oregon 10-1 (7)
8. Notre Dame 9-2 (8)
9. Auburn 9-2 (9)
10. Miami, FL 9-2 (10)
11. UCLA 9-1 (11)
12. Georgia 9-2 (13)
13. West Virginia 9-1 (14)
14. Alabama 9-2 (15)
15. Florida 8-3 (16)
16. TCU 10-1 (17)
17. Louisville 8-2 (20)
18. Texas Tech 9-2 (21)
19. Michigan 7-4 (22)
20. Georgia Tech 7-4 (18)
21. Boston College 7-4 (23)
22. Clemson 7-4 (24)
23. South Carolina 7-4 (25)
24. Iowa 7-4 (--)
25. Fresno State 8-3 (12)

Dropped Out: Florida State 7-4 (19)
The Seminoles were crushed by Florida. The 'Noles were a questionable pick to begin with. Now, they have become a very questionable pick to be in any Top 25. If they beat Virginia Tech, they will return.

Biggest Drop by a team still in the rankings: 13- Fresno State. The loss to Nevada was shocking. Still, this team has accomplished a lot. They have lost to two teams ranked in the Top Ten by a combined eleven points and to a team that is 7-1 in conference play. Still, Fresno always seems to find one game where they are not prepared, and that game was Nevada this year. The Bulldogs are closer to being the team that nearly beat USC than the one that lost to Nevada.

Smallest Drop by a team that lost: 2- Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets played Georgia very close in a 14-7 game. Georgia Tech deserves a lot of credit for how they have played this year. Yes, they have four losses and some of them are unexplainable, but they also have seven wins, including wins over Top Ten Miami and Auburn, both on the road.

Biggest drop by a team that won: 1- LSU. The Tigers dropped one for slipping by Arkansas 19-17. The Tigers are one of the most talented teams in the country and they began this season ranked #2 in my rankings behind just USC. But of the Top Five teams, they have the worst loss (to 5-6 Tennessee at home), and they have been playing the most inconsistently (see last week's Arkansas game). LSU can earn a lot of points by beating Georgia soundly, but if they do not, LSU may not belong much higher.

Biggest jump by a team that was in my rankings last week: 3- Louisville, Texas Tech, Michigan. This was elementary, as Fresno State, Georgia Tech, and Florida State all lost to fall behind these teams and they moved up three spots. Louisville and Texas Tech may be slightly overrated. This weeks game against Connecticut sure looks dangerous now for Louisville without Brian Brohm.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Week Fourteen: Monday

Weekend in Review

Game of the Week
Notre Dame 38, Stanford 31

The Irish found themselves in a dog fight with an OK Stanford team. This was not the way it was supposed to be. The Irish dominated everywhere but on the scoreboard. They amassed 636 total yards to the Cardinal's 336. But still, trailing 31-30 with just over a minute to play, the Irish needed to make some plays on offense. Darius Walker ran the ball in from six yards out with 55 seconds remaining and Victor Abiamiri sacked T.C. Ostrander with nine seconds left to seal the win for the Irish. It was a thrilling game and probably locks up a BCS spot for Notre Dame.

Upset of the Week
Nebraska 30, Colorado 3

Yes, SMU had no business beating UTEP, Kansas probably shouldn't have beatn Iowa State, and Nevada shouldn't have been able to take down Fresno State. But, Nebraska came out and totally dominated a Colorado team that hasn't looked too bad this season. It was in Boulder no less. The Cornhuskers have been struggling to put it all together this season, but they sure did on Friday afternoon against the Buffaloes. Colorado backed into the Big Twelve North title when Kansas upset Iowa State in overtime on Saturday afternoon. However, their confidence is severely shaken after their beatdown at the hands of the Cornhuskers. The outcome was never really in doubt, as Nebraska dominated from the beginning of the game.

Team of the Week
Florida Gators

Talk about a great performance. Any time you can beat your archrival 34-7, it has been a good day. The Gators took down Florida State on Saturday afternoon by that score. The stats make the game look closer than the score would indicate, but the Gators still dominated on the scoreboard. Florida State could get nothing going on offense and the Gators methodically took care of business. While Urban Meyer's first year was far from perfect, three wins over Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida State (the Gators three biggest rivals) makes this first season a success.

Player of the Week
Jeff Samardzija, Notre Dame

Samardzija had nine catches for 216 yards and two touchdowns against Stanford. He continues to put on an incredible show each and every week. He has become one of the top receivers in the country, which is amazing, given where he came from when the season began. He always seems to make big catches and big plays when his team needs him most. This past Saturday against Stanford was no exception.

Stat of the Week
451 rushing yards for West Virginia.

The Mountaineers have been running the ball well all season long. But against Pittsburgh, they took it to a whole new level. They ran the ball for 451 yards, while passing for just 41. Pat White, the quarterback, ran the ball 23 times for 220 yards, while Steve Slaton ran the ball 34 times for 179 yards. Both had two rushing touchdowns, and this accounted for their 45-13 win. The Mountaineers are going to a BCS bowl because they won this game and USF was upset by Connecticut on Saturday afternoon. Their solid rushing offense could be a threat to any team in a BCS game.

Play of the Week
Marques Hagans to Deyon Williams for the touchdown.

Deyon Williams barely came up with the catch in the back of the endzone with the score 25-10 with under thirty seconds to play against Miami. While the catch only made the score 25-17 and time was running out and the Cavaliers actually wound up losing, the catch was incredible. The play was reviewed and they gave him the touchdown. It was truly a great catch.

Turnover of the Week
Tim Jennings interception of Reggie Ball.

Georgia Tech was driving for the tying score against Georgia in the final minutes of the game. Down 14-7, the Yellow Jackets had moved all the way down to the Georgia 11 yard line, thanks in part to a pass interference penalty. Reggie Ball threw a pass on first and ten, and it was intercepted at the six yard line by Tim Jennings. Jennings returned the pass 28 yards to the 34, giving the Dawgs good field position. They went three and out, but the Jackets got the ball back at their own 39 with under ten seconds left, and that was not enough time to mount a serious drive. This interception sealed the game.
Key First Half Moment of the Week
Florida blocks a punt and returns it for a touchdown.

With around ten minutes left in the first half and the score 7-0 Florida, the Seminoles were trying a field goal. Marcus Thomas split the defensive line and blocked the kick. Reggie Lewis picked it up and ran 52 yards for a Gators touchdown. That made the score 14-0, and while the game was not out of reach, it became apparent that this was not Florida State's day. The momentum was all on the Gators side, and it was going to be tough for the Florida State offense (which is really struggling) to put two touchdowns on the board.

Moment of the Week
Nevada recovers the onside kick.

It was one of the most exciting plays of the whole weekend. Nevada had jumped out to a 38-27 lead with a minute and a half remaining. The Bulldogs scored and made a two point conversion to trim the lead to three. They attempted an onside kick. The ball bounced off of a Nevada players shoulder pads and began bounding back towards the Fresno State players. Most of them had overpersued the ball though. Anthony Pudewell bounced on the ball for the Wolfpack to give them the ball back, sealing the Nevada win. It was a wild moment, and it was a thrilling play that clinched a share of the WAC title for Nevada. If Fresno State wins this weekend against Louisiana Tech, they will share the title with Boise State and Nevada. A Fresno loss means that Boise and Nevada will share it.